I work in a hospital, thanks to ThinkGeek, I can keep my lunch in the fridge without anyone touching it

I work in a hospital, thanks to ThinkGeek, I can keep my lunch in the fridge without anyone touching it

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The Three Kinds of Laziness

The Three Kinds of Laziness

Matthieu Ricard on the three types of laziness:

  1. Only wanting to eat and sleep.
  2. Feeling too discouraged to commit ourselves to spiritual practice.
  3. Attending to details rather than to the essentials.

It’s that third kind which has the most relevance to our work. We value “detail oriented” people but there’s certainly a balance there. We’re wise not to get lost in the details of our work as an excuse for not finishing.

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Put a Story in Your Cover Letters

Put a Story in Your Cover Letters

Nathan Kontny, entrepreneur and engineer on Obama’s reelection campaign, shares his two tips for writing cover letters. From his post:

On skipping over obvious stuff:

Would you ever expect someone to say: “I am not a hard worker”, “I am not a team player”, “I am applying for an office job where I’d expect you use Microsoft Office, but I have never used Microsoft Office before.”

Use the space in your cover letter to write about what no one else is writing about. You.

On telling stories:

There’s a reason why candidates for President on the campaign trail don’t just share the specifics of a tax or health care plan. They share stories of people they meet. “I met Joe, unemployed coal miner, and he can’t afford health care. Here’s how my plan will help him.” We remember stories.

Don’t waste this precious space telling me you’re just like everyone else. Tell a story with your cover letter of how you are already awesome at this job.

Read his entire post here.

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