The 99U Quarterly Is Now Available for Purchase

The 99U Quarterly Is Now Available for Purchase

The Internet is great. But it’s not exactly the best place to process the deeper, more important stuff. We at 99U believe that if you truly want to absorb new ideas and change old habits, you occasionally need to get away from your usual laptop perch or desktop station.

That’s why we’re thrilled to introduce the new 99U Quarterly magazine, a beautiful printed publication that collects the best of 99U—plus original stories and reportage—four times a year.

The 99U Quarterly brings together in-depth interviews, articles, and tip sheets into a gorgeously designed print magazine that will equip you with the tools you need to build an incredible creative career.

We’ve already road-tested the magazine for an entire year, delivering it exclusively to 99U Conference attendees. Now that we’ve refined it into a sleek, fun-to-read look at the most cutting-edge insights on creativity, we’re ready to share it with you.

Subscriptions are now open for the 99U Quarterly, with the first issues shipping in March. Each issue will feature:

  • In-depth interviews with visionary creatives and entrepreneurs like artist Austin Kleon, writer Maria Popova, cartoon mogul Fred Seibert, Uber founder Garrett Camp, and architect Clive Wilkinson.
  • Actionable research on how to make ideas happen from leading creatives, academics, and thinkers.
  • Tools and wares to supercharge your creative process.

…all in a beautifully designed print product shipped directly to your door every March, July, October, and January. Sound like fun?

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Get a sneak peek of what the 99U Quarterly content and design looks like with the past issues featured here:










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